Epic RX

Vitamin & Herbal Guide

EPIC Pharmacies has longstanding relationships with 21st Century HealthCare and Windmill Health Products, providers of a wide range of vitamin, herbal, and health supplements available in most EPIC Pharmacies.

21st Century® HealthCare

21st Century offers a brand unique to Independent Pharmacy and provides differentiation in the marketplace. 21st Century provides significant value to customers. 21st Century is first to market with new and trendy items. The most dynamic vitamin presentation in the industry- color coordinated caps provide for easy identification and quick purchase. With over 1000 products, from vitamins, minerals, specialty supplements, herbal teas and herbal extracts in 100% vegetarian capsules, 21st Century utilizes the latest scientific research and state-of-the-art technology to create innovative and affordable solutions for customer’s wellness needs.

Windmill Health Products™

Over 30 years ago, Windmill Health Products was founded by a pharmacist as a distributor of nutritional supplements to independent drug stores. Today, Windmill remains dedicated to independent pharmacy, manufacturing and distributing more than 500 nutritional products including a full line of multi-vitamins; A-Z supplements; herbal supplements and teas; homeopathic products; and numerous function-specific products in categories such as weight loss, energy, heart health and men’s and women’s health.