Limited Time – Ends September 30, 2022

Earn a bonus for sharing a better way of doing business

Invite community pharmacies to join EPIC Rx, and earn a $1,000 bonus!

How it works

Refer a pharmacy

Pharmacy joins EPIC Rx

Earn $1,000!


Tell another independent pharmacy how EPIC Rx helps your business, share your positive experience, and encourage them to create an account and apply for EPIC Rx membership. Contact EPIC Rx with any questions.

Any open-door community retail pharmacy that is not currently enrolled in any EPIC Rx service.

When the pharmacy applies to join EPIC Rx, they will be asked if a current member referred them.

The pharmacy must be approved and an active member in at least one EPIC Rx service for three consecutive months.

To receive the referral bonus, you must be active in at least one EPIC Rx service when the referral bonus is issued.