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Grow your pharmacy business & improve medication adherence with PrescribeWellness

PrescribeWellness, available through EPIC Pharmacy Network (EPN) membership, will help you strengthen patient relationships and customer loyalty without altering your day-to-day routine. In fact, it makes it easier.

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PrescribeWellness helps pharmacists provide best-in-class care for communities around the country. Try this proprietary cloud-based technology and marketing kits to reach more patients, improve adherence and loyalty, and streamline operations.

Identify and act on your patient’s data to instantly see opportunities for better patient service, increase adherence and growth – Patient Engagement Center (PEC)
Check your transactions, Star Ratings, calls, and other statistics from your Pharmacy Management System, and slice by insurance plan, payer, physician, and physician group. Use the PEC to identify patients in need of adherence and supportive services.

Deepen patient relationships with the industry’s most effective targeted communications and loyalty tool – PharmacyGrowth
With PharmacyGrowth you can identify which customers need to visit your pharmacy and schedule a text message, email, or phone call recorded in the pharmacist’s voice. We do the work for you so you can concentrate on your patients and your business.

Synchronize medication pickups into a single monthly appointment and perform efficient CMRs – StarWellness
StarWellness patients are over 2.5 times more likely to adhere to their medications—98% of patients enrolled in a Med Sync program are adherent. This keeps them healthy, improves your Star Ratings, and lowers your variable DIR fees.

Make sure your Medicare patients are on the best plan for their goals and budget – PrescribeMedicare
PrescribeMedicare lets you review Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans with patients, then help them find a plan that best fits their financial and medication needs. Over 50% of Medicare patients could benefit from a plan change and conducting a plan review enhances the patient relationship.

Grow your vaccination business – VaccineComplete
Most pharmacies miss over 70% of immunization opportunities, but VaccineComplete lets you see a patient’s missing vaccinations so you can offer them during a pickup visit or proactively reach out to a list of patients with a pre-recorded message. VaccineComplete offers automatic reporting and end-to-end data tracking and transfers so all your patient data is in one place.

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