Epic RX

Managed Care Solutions

As a subsidiary of EPIC Pharmacies, EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc. (EPN) operates as the contracting agent on behalf of community pharmacies, aggressively promoting the network as one entity to provide independent pharmacies with the tools they need to better manage managed care.

The following provides a list of EPN’s powerful network benefits, features and services, many of which are available to our members through secure, password-protected online access:

  •  Centralized Administration and Third-Party Contracting
  •  Access to Thousands of Third-Party Payers
  •  PharmCAP® – Pharmacy Compliance Alert Program
  •  Access to Restricted Networks
  •  RxRegulator® Electronic Claims Reconciliation Program
  •  Accounts Receivable Services
  •  Third-Party Help Desk
  •  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) of Third-Party Payments
  •  Custom Web Site Reporting of Payments and Receivables
  •  Build a stronger business with PrescribeWellness.