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Health in Motion Network

EPIC Pharmacies and Health in Motion Network Bring Telemed Exclusively to EPIC Rx Buying Group Members!

Success and Wellness through Innovation with Telemed

Health in Motion Network (HIMN) combines community pharmacy digitization with an aggregation business model, allowing EPIC Rx pharmacies to enjoy the scale and high-performance community service of larger chains and emerging networks. The world of health care is evolving – the patient is now in charge.

Why Health in Motion Network Telemed?

  • Address changing customer needs and desires by expanding interactions safely and conveniently
  • Implement seamless access and delivery of patient care
  • Offers EPIC Rx members a competitive edge to level the playing field with pharmacy chains that offer telemedicine services
  • Create a model for future business development, including innovative payment methods
  • Provide access to an existing national program to build community-based direct-to-employer, direct-to-employee pharmacy benefit enhancements

Business Growth Opportunity

  • No-cost service until 2022 for EPIC Rx buying group members
  • Expand your customer reach with no infrastructure costs
  • Engage existing patients to increase
  • adherence and revenue from MTM services
  • Integrate medicine management with pharmacist trust and expertise

HIPAA Compliant

  • Virtual collaboration between patient, pharmacist, and provider on one platform
  • Secure encounter record transfer for greater continuity of care
  • Secure video, text, and email messaging
  • Digitally integrates all records and information

Simple Implementation

  • Part of a comprehensive suite of services exclusively for EPIC Rx buying group members
  • Tested and used by EPIC Rx independent pharmacists and owners
  • Web-based platform requiring no additional equipment
  • Patient consults scheduled in advance based on availability

Health in Motion Network FAQs

How does Health in Motion Network facilitate secure pharmacy to provider communications?
DirectTrust Address, also referred to as a Direct Address, is the unique address assigned to each provider user within the Health in Motion Network system that enables providers to digitally communicate through a centralized platform with appropriate security and encryption. Secure messaging using DirectTrust functions like email, including permitting attachments, with structured security built-in, so only approved users may transmit and receive messages.
How does telemedicine work? Is the nature of telemedicine to replace or supplement current pharmacy practices?
In the most basic sense, telemedicine is defined as a clinical encounter where patients and providers are in different physical locations. Telemedicine is used to enhance the patient and provider experiences and positively impact outcomes and return on investment for health care. The customer is in charge. This is not a new idea, but it is new to the world of health care, and telemedicine is helping to meet that challenge.
How does the Health in Motion Network (HIMN) tangibly help a community pharmacy?
The HIMN platform was designed in response to the demand by self-insured employers, urgent care providers, local and regional primary care practices, university-based practices, and specialty practices to offer enhanced personalized care to consumers when and where they desire and need it. HIMN’s goal is to organize local providers, through innovation, onto a common patient platform to provide on-demand health care. HIMN combines community pharmacy digitization with an aggregation business model, allowing independent pharmacies to enjoy the scale and high-performance community service of chains and emerging networks. Telemed is the initial phase of the HIMN total health engagement platform designed to provide community pharmacists with HIPAA compliant video connectivity to their patients. It includes secure messaging, email, and encounter record transfer for greater continuity of care.
How will the HIMN telemed platform benefit an EPIC Rx community pharmacy?
EPIC Pharmacies leadership had the foresight to begin this journey for greater patient connectivity via telemedicine over a year ago. EPIC Rx and HIMN’s leadership both recognized the market changes impacting consumer fulfillment. Consumers want and demand goods and services delivered to them on their schedule and terms. EPIC Rx and HIMN partnered to meet the challenge of making access and delivery of pharmacy care as seamless as possible. Patient interaction has traditionally been limited to the telephone, and the challenges of patient communication have become more difficult. A patient’s need to consult with their pharmacist is constant. Telemed is designed to deliver pharmacist care to patients on their devices at home or on the road. It allows the pharmacist to personalize consultative care, enhance the care experience, and improve outcomes.
What are the steps for pharmacists who want to implement HIMN's telemed service to help their customers? What changes would they have to make to their practice?
HIMN telemed is a web-based platform that pharmacists may implement via various devices depending on their desired workflow. No additional equipment is necessary. The most significant change to a pharmacist’s practice is to adjust to scheduled consults versus ad hoc consultations at the pharmacy counter. Pharmacists or their patients may initiate a consultation via telemed.
Why is it important to continue to improve telemedicine technologies? What changes will the pandemic spur in terms of pharmacy practice?
After the pandemic, it will continue to be important to manage chronic disease and bring health care services to consumers via telemedicine and brick and mortar delivery sites. Health in Motion Network community pharmacists using telemed can personalize the delivery of their professional services to improve patient care and drug regimen adherence as part of a broader digitally enabled health care team. Moving forward in the new pharmacy landscape, we see a renewed focus on chronic disease early intervention management and general wellness. In addition, behavior health, dietician services, diabetes management, and health coaching via telemedicine will enhance consumer wellness.
How will the Health in Motion Network platform benefit an EPIC Rx community pharmacy?
Telemed is the first phase of the Health in Motion Network (HIMN) that EPIC Rx is launching for our members. In the near future, we will be using the already established HIMN national program to build direct-to-employer and direct-to-employee pharmacy benefit enhancements. HIMN also has a model for future business development for EPIC Rx members outside traditional payment models, including innovative payment methods.
Why are patients’ needs different now than they have been in the past? How is HIMN helping to meet those needs?
To be successful and sustainable, HIMN’s telemed strategy focuses on patient experience, provider experience, and positive impact on outcomes and investment returns. The consumer experience must be welcoming, effortless, adaptable, and continually refined. Telemed and HIMN are the pharmacy service and pharmacy management platform that enable pharmacists to enhance the health care team available to patients.