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EPIC Pharmacies

EPIC Pharmacies is a cooperative organization. It is owned by its members and directed by a board of directors comprised of independent pharmacy owners.

The membership cost of EPIC Pharmacies is $150 per month.

Membership is month-to-month. You can terminate your membership at any time.

Application instructions can be found here.

Each month you will receive a direct deposit from EPIC Pharmacies based on your compliance and volume levels with our vendors. Because we are a cooperative, profits are distributed to members at year-end. Distributions return whatever money remains after paying corporate expenses proportional to your compliance and volume.

The EPIC Preferred® program is built upon the formulary concept to volume buy and collect corresponding rebates for both branded and generic pharmaceuticals. It currently includes more than 7,000 SKUs and is built around our wholesaler/manufacturer/distributor agreements.

Up front, members receive off-invoice savings (discounts from list pricings). Members also receive rebates for compliance, market share percentage, and membership involvement in the programs (volume incentives).

For more information on this program, contact us here.

EPIC Pharmacies is a true cooperative. In addition to monthly buying group rebates, profits are distributed to members at year-end. These distributions return whatever money remains after paying corporate expenses and is returned to our members based on compliance and volume. It’s just another way it pays be an EPIC Pharmacies member.

Any pharmacist/owner who is a member in good standing can be elected to the board for a three-year term. Interested members can nominate themselves or another member. The entire membership votes during annual elections.

EPIC Pharmacy Network

No. You must belong to the buying group to belong to EPIC Pharmacy Network.

EPIC Pharmacy Network membership is available at $150 per month; however, additional fees are associated with some EPN mandatory programs.

EPIC Pharmacy Network pays pharmacies via electronic funds transfer (EFT) five times per week (each federal banking day). There are no mailing delays. EPIC Pharmacy Network does not purchase or advance receivables due to the pharmacy from third-party payers. EPIC Pharmacy Network simply works as a pass-through for the funds due the pharmacy by third-party payers.