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Next Level Patient Care Begins with a Successful Clinical Program

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly influenced the scope of community pharmacies. What was once considered just a place to pick up medication has expanded to a location providing health screenings and treatments.

Clinical programs are an excellent way for independent pharmacies to create additional revenue while maintaining patient relationships.

“The right PSAO partner can enhance your pharmacy’s clinical performance,” said Tracy Tran, PharmD, MBA, EPIC Rx director of pharmacy clinical operations. “Here at EPIC Rx, we provide the tools and solutions you need to drive better patient outcomes and improve reimbursement at the pharmacy and network level. Our dedicated team is committed to your success and the health of your patients.”

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is one great way to build a clinical program within your pharmacy. RPM allows patients to keep track of essential medical records, such as blood pressure measurements and blood sugar levels. When the patient records these vitals, pharmacists can regularly monitor the stats to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care possible.

Pharmacy students and technicians are great resources for establishing a robust clinical program and developing relationships with patients. Students and technicians are eager to learn more and experience personalized care that is often unavailable at the chain store level. Allowing pharmacy students and staff to work with patients enable pharmacists to focus on reviewing and verifying prescriptions for optimal therapy.

The following resources are provided to EPIC Pharmacy Network members. With one-on-one support, our clinical programs team strives to support your pharmacy through these programs.

OutcomesMTM is a resource that allows local pharmacists to help with Medication Therapy Management (MTM) for patients. With MTM, pharmacy staff can help patients improve medication adherence and provide health screenings and tests.

Comprehensive Medication Review (CMRs) is a great way to build one-on-one relationship with patients while promoting chronic care management, medication adherence, and overall health.

EQuIPP® provides standardized, benchmarked data to help shape strategies and guide medication-related performance improvement.

PrescribeWellness is a web-based platform to provide pharmacies with real-time performance data to improve performance, medication adherence, and increase your bottom line with minimum impact on workflow.

Independent pharmacies offer so much more than pills in a bottle. What sets community pharmacies apart from the chains is extent and level of care. What was once a place to pick up medication is now a health care destination.

Learn more about how your pharmacy can establish a strong clinical program with the help of EPIC Rx here.