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What’s Worked at our Pharmacy: A Member’s Perspective on Clinical Services

Anna Baird, PharmD, and Ashley Abode, PharmD, are part of the EPIC Rx Clinical Mentor Program, in which independent pharmacists have graciously offered to share their knowledge and expertise in achieving clinical success with fellow EPIC Rx members. Contact us to learn more.  

“At Realo Discount Drugs, we understand dispensing medications is only part of the story when it comes to patient care. That is why we strive to offer a variety of all-encompassing services to empower our patients and help them thrive. 

“Adherence and access to medication play a big role in keeping health conditions under control. At Realo Discount Drugs, we equip our patients with the tools they need to take their medications correctly on a daily basis by offering medication synchronization or blister packaging. We use a centralized process and automation to provide high-quality blister packs resembling seven-day pill boxes allowing patients to keep their medications organized. Although the process is centralized, it does not eliminate the personal touch provided with this service. Prior to initiating blister packaging, a pharmacist works with each patient or caregiver develop with an appropriate schedule for taking their medications.

“These medications are then synchronized to be filled at the same time each month, minimizing trips to the pharmacy. Blister packaging ensures patients take their medications at the appropriate times and minimizes the burden on the caregiver and patient, who often has difficulty filling their medication boxes. The team ensures patients have access to their medications by offering delivery services and helps patients navigate any medication changes between fills. 

“While having adherence tools is key, we have found that providing education on medications and disease states is essential to driving clinical performance. Realo Discount Drugs has a dedicated team of clinical pharmacists both on and off the counter who complete comprehensive medication reviews with patients to provide disease state and medication counseling, optimize their medication regimen, and improve their health outcomes.

“One platform Realo Discount Drugs utilizes to identify patients who could benefit from an enhanced touch is OutcomesMTM. Additionally, we work with the North Carolina Division of Public Health to provide medication therapy management services to patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia. This gives pharmacists an opportunity to take a targeted approach to managing cardiovascular disease.

“Realo Discount Drugs is also connected with a local Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to provide chronic care management services. Through this service, pharmacists provide a monthly medication reconciliation, review labs, and communicate directly with providers and other healthcare team members through the electronic health record. Realo Discount Drugs utilizes these platforms and partnerships to identify patients who would benefit from group education in settings like the Diabetes Prevention Program and Diabetes Self-Management Education. The addition of these lifestyle interventions engages patients in their overall health leading to better adherence and outcomes and fuels opportunities for further collaboration with other health team members.”

Anna Baird, PharmD, and Ashley Abode, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacists
Realo Discount Drugs
North Carolina