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EPIC Pharmacies Announces CEO Departure Effective March

After more than six years of service, Jay Romero will step down in his role as CEO of EPIC Pharmacies, Inc., a national network of independently owned pharmacies, and president of EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc, a nationwide Pharmacy Services Administration Organization (PSAO), effective March 1, 2021.

“Jay’s work has helped our organization lay the groundwork for what will be a fruitful future. Over the last two years, his work specifically in advocating for fair pharmacy regulations have made a significant impact on the industry,” says Jeff Sherr, P.D., president of the EPIC Pharmacies board of directors and president of Apple Discount Drugs.

Romero has had a long and successful career in independent pharmacy. He was an independent pharmacy owner for more than 10 years and a practicing pharmacist for more than 20 years. Prior to holding his current role, Romero served on the EPIC Pharmacies board of directors and played a key role in advocating for the interests of community pharmacy as chairman of the EPIC PharmPAC of Mississippi.

“Under his leadership, EPIC Pharmacies has been able to advance the solutions and technologies offered to independent pharmacies,” says Mark Barwig, EPIC Pharmacies executive vice president.

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