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Could Your Pharmacy Survive a Cyber Attack?

While data breaches at large pharmacies make national news, independent pharmacies are no less susceptible to cyber attacks and their devastating consequences.

Whether through a malware, phishing, or password attack, independent pharmacies are targeted for their patient health, identity, and credit card information. Though you may think that large businesses are affected the most, more than 70 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. Businesses in the health care industry face are at increased risk; making up 41 percent of cyber incidents in 2018.

The financial and reputational repercussions from a single data breach can be disastrous. On average, a data breach costs $80,000 per pharmacy location. In fact, 72% of businesses shut down within 24 months of a major data theft.

Associated costs emerge from:

• Notifying customers of breach
• Credit monitoring expenses
• Regulatory fines and penalties
• Business interruptions
• Legal or public relations expenses

EPIC Pharmacies, Inc., a network of independently owned pharmacies, was one of the first pharmacy organizations to provide cyber liability/data breach insurance as a no-cost member benefit. Learn how you can protect your pharmacy with our recorded webinar featuring cyber security experts with advice specific to independent pharmacies.

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