Epic RX

How EPIC Pharmacies can save your independent pharmacy money!

EPIC Pharmacies works with over 1,500 independently owned pharmacies across the country. As a buying group, we offer a full range of programs and services to return net revenues to members through monthly rebates and year-end distributions.

Directed by a board of independent pharmacists, EPIC Pharmacies is a true cooperative. Your EPIC Pharmacies membership will literally pay you back with the benefits of large-quantity pricing and our ability to return revenues directly to our members. Additionally, your EPIC Pharmacies membership includes membership in EPIC Pharmacy Network (EPN) and all of the third-party contracting services it provides to boost your bottom line.

With EPN, you’ll be better able to administer managed care with centralized third-party contracting and access to hundreds of third-party payers. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our lawyers provide a general review of each PBM contract to better protect our pharmacists. You’ll also have access to RxRegulatorTM, our electronic claims reconciliation program, designed to save you time and money. Regulatory compliance for pharmacies has become a major issue. The PharmCAP program has been developed to assist pharmacies with their documentation and tracking of compliance requirements.

The pharmacy industry is shifting toward pay-for-performance, and high-performing pharmacies and networks are being rewarded. Our Clinical Programs Department, led by an in-house PharmD, gives independent pharmacies the support, resources, and personalized assistance to succeed with pharmacy performance and medication therapy management (MTM), including comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs), while improving patient health.

Over 1,500 independent pharmacies turn to EPIC Pharmacies to help them with their bottom line. If you’re an independent pharmacist looking to take your business to the next level, contact EPIC Pharmacies today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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