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Are you Positioned for Managed Care Success?

Is your pharmacy ready for the industry changes coming next year?

• In 2018, around 95 percent of Medicare Part D plans will use preferred providers.
• Most Part D programs will assess direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees for preferred and non-preferred providers.
• Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) will continue to evaluate pharmacy performance on everything from generic dispensing ratio to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services measures and more.

Keeping up with Medicare Part D Changes

Being able to keep up with Medicare Part D changes, in addition to running a successful pharmacy business, can a be mind-boggling feat. Pharmacy providers need help weaving through the already confusing managed care industry.

Using the services of a good pharmacy services administrative organizations (PSAO) can help pharmacies achieve administrative efficiency and better manage managed care.

How EPIC Pharmacy Network Helps

EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc. (EPN) allows independent pharmacy owners, pharmacists, and managers to be more efficient and productive in their daily business. It gives pharmacists and support staff the opportunity to enhance patient relationships and more time for one-on-one interactions. EPN provides the resources and tools to enhance and grow business opportunities.

EPN member benefits include PBM contracting, payment reconciliation, pharmacy compliance and credentialing, EQuIPPTM, PrescribeWellness, audit assistance, MAC appeals, clinical programs support, and a committed member services team.

EPN has been a one-stop shop for independent pharmacies since 1992. Contact us online or 800-876-EPIC (3742) to learn how we can help your pharmacy succeed today and in the future.